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Re: Caught between two worlds

Dan Harden wrote:
Another example away from response to atemi- is joint locks. Aikido folks have a hard time wrapping their way around ukemi with joint locks. Falling down and throwing yourself as a defense to a joint lock is not a way to go. There are ways to fight, where the chance of ever getting caught in a lock are slim and none and the responses to it being placed and needing to be undone involve body training in resistance and counters while remaining on your feet.
Actually I disagree with you here, while also agreeing strangely. I know from teaching beginners joint locks that they are unable to absorb the power, and as such their best way of relieving the pain and pressure is a fall or something similar. As they improve they can absorb more power and have no need to fall. So I can in turn then apply a stronger nikyo/sankyo etc.. a cycle of positive feedback and we all get better.

I think you should be careful about where you wave that tar and brush Dan


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