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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Graham Wild wrote: View Post
It was at the Scarborough PCYC.
Beating a man well into his 60's is not going to look good on paper

EDIT: Oh I see. Yes, I know of whom you speak....

Still, a sample size of one judoka BB (whom, AFAIK, doesn't like or do a lot of groundwork)...hmm

No it was just Ne Waza randori. However, I had no concept of "rules" so every now and again Allen would call "Shido".
Yes, well....Alan is an interesting character

I will say I have surprised most of the judo clubs I have gone to, even Peter at Judo International () was surprised. However, I felt he was a little heavy on the competition aspect.
Oh - you're that Graham!

But I only saw you there for one class - what happened? Were you just popping in to check the place out, or did you decide that didn't meet your needs?

Shame, as there is some decent training going on Monday and Thurs nights, esp in regards to randori (newaza and tachiwaza). Strong guys: we now also sport a few BJJ purple and blue belts.

I'd recommend you look at UWA (ex Olympians and Int'l players)....but it seems you'd prefer a less competitive atmosphere?

PS: Did you check out the Kawaishi folks I recommended (IIRC)?

I do most of my ground training on Friday day at ECU in Joondalup. The final 15 to 20 minutes of training is grappling. Occasionally we get a chance to do some on Tuesday night.
The BJJ / MMA club there? Or something else?

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