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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Darin Hyde wrote: View Post
Is that why you were training with Ross? How'd he go with him accepting your grade from Hans? Not criticising your ability just wondering about the politics with the Seifukai. How about Patrick Auge?
Ross was very happy to accept my 4th kyu at the time. He said, in theory, a couple of years (which would have been a couple of years ago) and he was happy for me to be a shodan.

In America, Auge Sensei was very accepting of me. I found with my 8 years (at the time) and 2nd kyu I was at the level I belonged at, but there was really only one second kyu to compare myself to, William, and he, I think, had been doing it for a while (he is the guy that kicked my arse with the grappling). I know for sure the brown belts were above and beyond me, hence I know what I am training to achieve.


Graham Wild
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