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Holy cow! An on-topic post. I'd forgotten what the topic was.
Willy wrote:
you know about the historical links between contact improv and aikido, right? In a sense, contact improv IS ukemi....
Same-same, but different, as they say. I'd love to get a topic started on the similarities and differences, but I don't figure there are enough Aikidoka who do contact on this forum to make it go.
Jo wrote:
Ooooh contact improv with ukemi!!! me too, me too i wanna do that!
Well, you're pretty near the epicenter. You can find jams and classes near you at I see that there is one in Sonoma and three in San Francisco. Its really been changing and improving my Aikido as I become more able to integrate my body and learn to understand the difference between strong weight and light weight.

Yours in Aiki
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