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Re: Mike sigman's internal strength parameters- Have you guys read this; really!

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In that case whatever you're doing it doesn't seem to be improving your mood.
i'm actually very chill. being assertive is not the same thing as being an @$$h0l3.

one thing you'll never find me doing is speaking negatively of other arts or teachers, regardless of my personal opinions, if for nothing else than many of them are making their living from teaching, it's how they provide for their families, which is a much more important thing. you don't break someone else's rice bowl. it's basic wude.

at the same time ILC has something very special to share for those who are looking for it, so that's the reason for the firmness of my response. There's no more time to hide our light under a bushel so to speak, or for simply ignoring ill-informed comments. Sifu is 58 years old and he's not going to travel the world forever.

Alfonso Adriasola wrote: View Post
Wer'e having a discussion about internal strength parameters, hopefully improving the quality of the discussion a bit. Are you sure that this depends on you having the big stick? What if you're unable to manhandle some excellent athlete of the western kind? Does that mean you know nothing about internal strength?
well, as I stated in my earlier post
because this type of power and skill is not just he result of one thing (i.e. dan tien), but the culmination / relationship between all the parts, like dan tien, ming men, huan yuan "energy", peng "energy", spiral force and tai chi and so on.
of course timing and spacing are another aspect, (i.e. timing and distance, range and body lines) so if the timing is off then of course you'll get smashed too no matter who you're messing with. it all factors in.

it's all spokes in a wheel. each spoke shares a relationship back to the center. The more spokes you have, the stronger the wheel, but you can't say any one spoke is most important.

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