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Re: Mike sigman's internal strength parameters- Have you guys read this; really!

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This started as a thread about discussing internal strength parameters according to Mike Sigman's parameters or so I'm inferring from the title. No one from ILC posted on this thread or added to it until Joe Brown decided to turn it into a "I'm going to call out who I don't think is deserving of the neijia title"

If you want to discuss the "parameters" as you'd like to define it then go ahead. But I could just as easily start throwing out names from Ueshiba, Tim Cartmell, Dan Harden, Sam Chin, etc - call bullshit on it and start an argument all based on my "validity" of sitting behind my computer and pointing to some other guy's blog.

In short, being a troll unfortunately still succeeds in getting the responses trolls seek.
Anything even *related* to that person in the OP usually turns into accusations and unsupported assertions. Now it involves people with little skill discussing whether or not..I or Sam..use dantian??
Again, if certain people want to use certain untested mens assertions of what nejia is, I would ask what is HIS track record up against those vetted to have internal power by their very own definition.
I am uninterested in some western guys opinion of me unseen and untouched. I will take the very big dogs they have named...opinions.
Bowen might want to consider when discussing video, just..who... has been widely discredited for the way he moves by the very people he claims to be moving
I agree with Ashe that the parameters of the discussion are pretty funny right from the source material.

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