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Re: True Warfare

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
It's not nearly as clear cut as that.

It was called "Aikido" from 1942.

Morihiro Saito stated quite repeatedly that what he was shown by Ueshiba in the 1960's was closest to what appears in the 1938 manual "Budo" - somewhat different than what Kisshomaru and Tohei were showing in Tokyo.

Anyway, he didn't actually chose the name - it was chosen by committee at the Dai Nihon Butokukai, although he did choose to stick with it later.

Kisshomaru always cited the key revelations behind Aikido as occurring in 1925.

The old ways of Budo? Here's a quick and famous quote - "Strategies for war become strategies for peace". Can you name the year? If you can, then what does that do to your pre-war/post-war dichotomy?


It's not as clearly cut as that to you but it is to me.

This isn't about who coined the word Aikido.

Saito? What does most closely resembles mean? From what perspective? In what context? What was the subject under discussion when he mentioned such and what point was he trying to make and to whom?

Kisshomaru? Cited when seen fit and yet put down when seen fit also.

Now your strategy and budo sayings? No I don't know. Obviously you feel they have some significant value. Feel free to enlighten me. Maybe that's what you are connecting to the o/p.

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