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Re: teaching the blind

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Thank you for elucidating your opinion. It seems to be based on limited exposure to the skills the visually disabled actually need/have/use to deal with daily life.
I eat at a cafeteria that is run by a blind person. He's also the cashier, which again, I feel is an interesting choice for a blind person. On numerous occassions he has rung things up wrong and given wrong change. I've seen him get flustered and ring it up wrong and just kinda "whatever" it, and not bother to correct it--taking a loss by undercharging. I've corrected him a number of times, not wanting to rip off a blind person. But sometimes I'm like "whatever" myself, and don't bother to tell him that he's ripping himself off.

It comes down to the fact that if you are going to put a blind man on a cash register, you can't act surprised when the drawer turns up short at the end of the night.
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