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Question Back into Aikido and injuried, advice?

So, I joined this site years.. almost 10 ago, and unfortunately I was taken out of my Aikido training very quickly because of some major non-Aikido health related issues.

In that 10 years, the itch of Aikido never went away. So, I started looking at dojo's a few weeks ago and found one that has all the feeling of Aikido that I was searching for, however..

First night of class, during Ukemi Waza, my little toe decided not to follow and I've either fractured or broken it. Is this a common injury? It is on my weaker side. I am following RICE, and it's buddy taped. I don't plan on returning to class until next week to allow it a few days to reduce the swelling and risk further injury.

I am thinking of taping my little toes in until I've gotten more comfortable with all the Ukemi's to avoid any other future injuries to them.

Looking for any and all input/advice on prevent injuries like this?

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