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Re: Need some advice to order a katana

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I've been practicing MJER for about three years, a little off and on to compliment my aikido. For the first year and a half or so, I was using a "loaner" sword from my dojo. With my last round of student loans, I took the extra and invested in a sword (I realized this would be the last time I have that sort of cash sitting around for some time). I second Jennifer's statement that the difference between even a decent quality blade and "display model" is night and day. I purchased my iaito through, who represents private sword makers in Japan. My iaito was of the cheapest level of iaito's that I could purchase through this site, but it was still customized to fit me and I am still pleased with the quality two years after I purchased it. My iai sensei recently purchased a more expensive iaito through them and it is a phenomenal blade. You can buy live blades through them as well, and basically spend as much money as you'd care to. But check 'em out, they have sizing charts and the like up there. Great stuff and very helpful customer service!

Just a note to say that I really like your name .

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