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Minh Nguyen
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Re: The role of weapons in Aikido

Thank you, everyone, for your great answers!
I will take the class to see how it is.
The reason I ask is because one of my classmates never study about aiki weapons, but he was very good during the belt test from orange to blue. The other one performs jo kata well, yet he was a little clumsy when he took the test (also from orange to blue). The first person could deal with three uke randori much better than the second one. Both are my sensei's favorite students.

Please allow me to get off the topic a little bit. In the end of the belt test, my sensei said to the second student "you see that what I have taught you in Jujitsu traps you during the randori"

This makes me wonder the uniqueness of Aikido. Is it that if Aikido is studied with something else, even with its parent Jujitsu, a person's skill in Aikido can be screwed?
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