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Re: Daily Applications of Aikido

With regard to my response to Phil Van Treese's post: In aikido practice, uke puts himself/herself at nage's mercy, but in judo practice there are two nages, each attempting to throw the other, in a contest. (And, now that I think about it, if Phil was describing an aikido seminar, didn't he have to take turns as uke for half of that 15 minute drubbing?)

Phil responded to his rude nidan partner with anger, and that was not a proper response (and he agrees), but as for the physical punishment he imposed on the nidan, I think it sounds more extreme to an aikido ear than to a judo ear.

We can learn or not learn many things from aikido, as we can from any activity in our daily lives, whether the activity "teaches" those things or not. The many things we learn or not learn may not be consistent with each other. Hopefully, we do the best we can.
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