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Re: Daily Applications of Aikido

Phil Van Treese wrote: View Post
Aikido is a great martial art to show people a different path in life, how you SHOULD react to certain situations etc, etc, etc. Aikido will not change you and your attitude but it will show you what would be a better way to handle any given situation. However, a person will always refer back to how he/she was brought up and the character h/s has…. Aiki will show you a peaceful way to handle situations but sometimes that way you were raised comes into play and the aiki will take a back seat.
It seems to me that Phil is not asserting that his behavior toward the student he sarcastically described as an "extremely high ranking nidan" was proper, he's asserting that aikido's lessons are unlikely to overcome a student's basic nature, and he offers himself as an example.

While he refers to aikido's lessons, he doesn't specify whether his encounter with the nidan was in aikido or judo. Suppose, for discussion purposes, that the encounter was in judo. Would that change one's opinion of his behavior?

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