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Mert Gambito
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Re: Musings on a Hawaii IP Seminar

It's been:
  • 7 years (at least) since Ellis Amdur and Dan had mojitos, and Dan subsequently offered to meet Mark Murray and Ron Tisdale, as representatives of the online aikido community, to let them sample his methodology and skills,
  • 4 years since Dan conducted his private "teachers only" workshop that led to the current slate of workshops (now over 20 a year) and study groups,
  • 3 years since Dan's first workshop in Hawaii, and
  • almost 1 month since Scott Burke wrote the opening post of this thread.

At this point, inability to meet up with Dan due to the machinations of Murphy's Law or tengu notwithstanding (i.e. Kevin and some others), people in the online aikido community have largely made up their minds and set their priorities regarding where IT falls (or doesn't) in their respective training, with plenty of online documentation of those choices in several cases to boot.

Training in what is constructive that one enjoys, with people who are enjoyable as training partners, is so much better than sparring in online discussions that cannot be constructive. Have a wonderful 2014 everyone, and best wishes in your training of choice this year!

Oh, and BJ Penn, in the off chance you happen to be surfing aikido forums, Jamie Yugawa is trying to get a hold of you.

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