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Casey Martinson
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Re: Breath, Aikido & Misogi

hey keith, i think what you mean to say is, "i'd just as soon be training", not "i'd just assume be training." one of those common mistakes that a lot of people make because it's nearly undetectable when speaking. but in writing, there is a clear difference and the correct version is the only one that makes sense. and i don't mean to put you down at all; i made the same mistake for many years. i also used to say, "play it by year" before i realized what i meant to say was, "play it by ear." and since i've already hijacked the thread for totally unrelated musings on language, let me say one other thing for the benefit of anybody who might not know: the high octane coffee beverage is "espresso" not "eXpresso,"--i still hear that one all the time--and it actually has less caffeine than coffee because it's brewed so much quicker. anyway, excuse the digression. great thread.
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