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Jan Glembotzki
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Talking someone out there...?

Hi, my name is Jan.
A few days ago I discovered this excellent forum, and I have to say that it seems to me I'm coming home after a long, long time!
Actually I do wing chun, with nice people in a nice kwoon, but more and more I think back to the times I made aikido. You know, wing chun IS a great system, specialized on self-defence, very effective and so on, butů..
I began studying Aikido when I was about 13 years old, and before I did other styles of martial arts, like Judo and TKD. At this time unfortunately I was often used as a very special kind of punching ball by some of my training partners, so you can imagine that it wasn't fun for me. But I didn't give up and started a new (and last?) try with an aikido-dojo in my hometown and YEAH, that was what I was searching for! First we used the DAB-system (German Aikido Association),later we changed to iwama-ryu, and I had a great time, learning so much!
Six years later me and my family removed to Hanover and I had to find something new.
My sensei gave me more than twenty video-tapes for studying the movements of the great masters at home, and during the last weeks I looked to these tapes again, just for fun. More and more I remembered all the techniques, and now I see the wonderful philosophy behind
them, realizing, that aikido more is than only self-defence, keep your body healthy, neither a religion nor a martial art: no, it's all in one, it's a way of living (I know, the most of you already know it, it's just a personal realization, late but not too late, I hope).
So, in September perhaps I'll get the chance going to America for two years, studying music.
I finished my (violin)- studies last summer and now try to get a scholarship from the School of the Arts in North Carolina. I know there are at least two aikido-dojos in Winston-Salem, and I hope I'll have enough time to train again.
The time I don't practice classic violin I play my black 5-string electric violin, loud and HEAVY! Or I write down my own music or listen on my knees to the amazing, incredible, music of symphony x, a band from New Jersey.
Ok, that's all! I'm sorry about my very simple words, I know I have to learn much more before coming to America, but writing in English is a first step I think.

Hold your hammers high

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