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Re: How long does it take to understand Aikido? How long to use it effectively?

Matthew Story wrote: View Post
This. Aikido is not realistic combat training and the primary duty of an aikido instructor is not to make students into effective fighters. There are much better ways to learn self-defense than aikido.
Dear Matthew,
If aikido is not a realistic combat art why call it Martial? The primary duty of an instructor is to teach aikido .This does not mean the instructor has to do aikido in a manner akin to Fred and Ginger doing a waltz. I dont know about you but I come from a ryu where I was subjected to hard training.No flouncing around doing twirly stuff.
I found my early training in Aikido harder than Judo.By the way I was no slouch at that game either.As far as Aikido being complicated and hard to understand, I think this is nonsense.Dead simple , first neutralise the attack, get into a position where the attacker cannot hit you, then do the guy with whatever is at hand.Simple. No need for fancy stuff, who would try shiho nage for example in a real?situation?? Hope you are well, Cheers, Joe.
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