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Re: pronunciation... kokyuho

Michael Varin wrote: View Post
Yeah. Completely was a poor word choice. Thanks for your contribution.

I found something that may be helpful for those who haven't heard these terms pronounced correctly.

You can listen to the pronunciation by clicking the following links.
Michael, please don't think I'm picking on you. But...

Those sound files are all for short sounds, so while the "ko" is good, the "kyu" and "ho" are too short. Not to mention that the three sounds in isolation there do not provide the proper pitch accent of the whole word.

Speaking of pitch accent, kokyu has a high pitch accent on the first syllable and low accent on the rest. Likewise, ho(u) starts high and then drops.


Finally, kokyu-ho is written 呼吸法, rather than 呼吸方.

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