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Jorge Garcia
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Re: Ichiro Shishiya sensei

William Hazen wrote: View Post
Shishiya Sensei is truely one of Nishio Shihan's better students and is known for his big flowing movements. Those vids were a joy to watch and a good reminder of the practical application of Aikido's philosphy. A tiny quibble for me would be that the Uke's were dead looking down at thier feet poor posture and letting thier off hand flail at the side instead of bringing it in to the chest ready to strike. If you're using those to study Jorge you might be mindful of that. I see you are down in Tejas and if you're interested we do have a Nishio affliated sister Dojo in San Antonio. Drop in if you get the chance.

William Hazen
I know John Bollinger. He has been to our seminars and I need to attend one of his next time. Others from that dojo have visited us as well but I have never made it over since I don't often have occasion to go over there but I will make the effort.

"It is the philosophy that gives meaning to the method of training."
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