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Re: Poll: Is enduring physical pain necessary in getting better at aikido?

Ian Hurst wrote:
nitpick time again - everyone experiences pain the same, it's how you react that differs.
more nitpick'n

actually it's more complex than this. how you react to pain affects your experience of pain. It's a feedback loop. My emotional state of mind affects my experience of pain at any given moment.

one also needs to distinguish between nociceptive pain and neuropathic pain (

In physical activity we are mostly talking about the part of our nervous system that is activated in response to tissue irritation, impending injury, or actual injury. How variable and subjective is the threshold to our own conditioning and state of mind is a big question. What neuropahtic tendencies might affect our experience compared to others is important also.

For improvement, coming to understand the nature of pain and being open to what you own body is telling you is more important I think than somehow simply enduring pain.

Certainly as I get older, I feel like I have to back off sometimes because something doesn't quite feel right. It's tough because the competitive athlete in me that assumes I am invincible is always there urging to push.
I am still nursing some kind of muscle tear/strain in my chest from the last time I gave in to that. Taking more than an hour of ukem for one of my 16 year old students who is getting the hang of really laying it on - I ignored an unusual feeling of pain at one point and kept going -- not too smart.
Now I have to be careful just to stay in the game and not make it worse.

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