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Abu Dhabi
Re: Is "Aikidoiain" welcome here or not?

Hi Jo,

My problems stretch back for a good (bad!) 20 years. So, it's not just since January - that's only when I became housebound. So, all the various therapies were tried and tested over 2 decades!

I'm glad someone has brought it back to Aikido! You're absolutely right - whenever I practiced (informally) over these years, I did feel better in the short term, but at least I got some break from the constant stress of life.

I'm lucky to have a dojo so near, otherwise I simply couldn't go. I can't use public transport or taxis you see. In fact I cannot be in a vehicle with another person - I take panic attacks and would try to escape! This will become a problem for grading. At this club, grading is held all over Britain, so I simply couldn't go. This is a current and serious issue. I haven't seen my mother in 2 years, and my Grandmother died 3 weeks ago and I couldn't even attend her funeral!!

I'll go to Aikido and train, but unless some special allowance is made for me (which is unlikely), I won't be able to grade. I think Sensei Tony Ezra 6th Dan grades the students. I can't see him travelling up here to grade 1 guy! And if I can't grade, I simply won't feel as if it's leading anywhere. Obviously I want to feel as I'm progressing up the ranks. I'll have to discuss this with the instructor, but honestly, I don't know what he can do about it.

Thanks Jo for your advice and support. I appreciate all those who are "voting" for me.

Thanks to all,
Iain. -
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