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Abu Dhabi
Question Is "Aikidoiain" welcome here or not?

I feel there's been a certain amount of prejudice against me since my very first post - why?

Is it because I have no formal training in Aikido? Is it because I have mental health problems?

I'm fed up saying sorry all the time and constantly having to defend almost every opinion I voice. If you wish me to leave, I shall. I've seen prejudice before because of mental health issues, but an Aikido forum was the last place I expected it! I thought I'd be among like-minded people, who would accept me for who I am, and allow me to have opinions that may differ from the norm.

Quite frankly, I can do without this kind of stress right now. What must I do to be treated like everyone else? Keep my opinions to myself?.....sounds like it. Boy you really know how to make me even more unhappy.

This doesn't apply to all though. Many members have treated me with a modicum of respect - for that I feel humble. I was "advised" to "lie low for a while" - Why? I'm sorry, but I really don't see why I'm having to qualify every opinion I make. Others can poke fun at each other and no one says a word, but when Aikidoiain steps up to the mike.....the room goes silent.

I'll go if that's what you'd prefer. I didn't realize this was an elitist forum with qualifying conditions. Why wasn't my membership not cancelled after my first post? I'm obviously the joker in the pack. Well, actually I'm a human-being just like everyone else here - no better no worse.

I'm housebound. This is my only human contact. I still don't know if I'll go back to that Aikido club, even although they seem decent enough - and yes, I did inform them of my health issues, and they said that wouldn't be a problem.

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