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Jeff R.
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Larry Camejo (L. Camejo) wrote:
I wonder about that myself sometimes, Bob.

To me, Competitive Aikido = Aikido against someone who knows exactly what you may do and knows exactly how to resist it.
But that's the whole point. Aikido techniques are performed well beyond the constraints of thought. Anticipating what Nage is going to do leads to Uke's injury. And if Uke is giving a true attack, then there is little room for making split-second adjustments and resisting, as long as Nage's technique is pure. Of course there is Kaeshiwaza, but I don't know if that can be classified as competitive, as it is simply alternating redirection.

I guess what I'm thinking of as far as defining competition, is more along the lines of grappling, or maybe it's defined by the outcome--whoever gets the pin.

I definitely don't hold anything against competitive martial arts, and I believe that without conflict, Aikido couldn't exist (as the principle of Aikido is 'obtaining harmony through the resolution of conflict'), but as far as competitive--I guess I'm not grasping the working definition.

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