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Chris Knight
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Re: Techniques in themselves don't work

As a beginner of Aikido I have a question concerning your discussion. I have attended two introductory courses on Aikido with different teachers. The first one held the opinion that only the perfection of the technique can make you practice it well and appreciate the value altogether. Of course as a beginner you believe that initially. My second course made me understand that it is the art which should be put into the foreground. I can in some way understand both ways, yet I have noticed that the second teacher does not pay much attention to technique at all and I feel I forget things and do not learn them properly. but I think that's important too - especially as a starter. Can anyone give some advice? Thanks!!!
Coming from another newbie ( 2 1/2 years into aikido), I would suggest the following advice

Research aikido, reserch Daito Ryu, look at O Sensei's training history, what/how he was taught by Takeda, how these martial artistes were predominantly untouchable, why this has hardly ever been replicated, ask yourself why, and then research again - technique has very little to do with it. Dont fall into the possible trap of following the traditional japanese teaching system, only to become stuck in an empty art with no body skills

my 3 pence worth
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