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Re: Is two Days a week enough?

Pauliina Lievonen wrote: View Post
Someone said that the fact that people have lives outside of aikido shouldn't bar them from testing for shodan... why not? If aikido isn't a priority, then how much does another grade really mean to that person? Of course it's nice, but isn't it more important in that situation to get recognition for the effort and time that has been put into work, or family, and so on, from the people at home or at work? Or should people get aikido grades for being such good parents and hard working employees? I think there are more appropriate rewards that one could think of...
Going by that train of logic I shouldn't be able to turn in my thesis to get my Masters degree because I was only able to commit to two classes a semester.

I agree that someone who is training "part-time" shouldn't be given a "pass" during testing. However, I find it ridiculous to suggest that someone who has the skills to pass Shodan would be barred from testing.
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