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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward


Wanted to add this as well. Not to be disrespectful to KI society folks out there by any means...

But, I could see how KI Society may not be your cup of tea since they might tend to emphasize this aspect a little more than you feel is necessary.

I think the middle road is key. You have to have balance and keep things in perspective.

If you spend all your time focusing on DON"T GET IT.
If you spend all your time wearing Hakama and Placing flowers on the Kamiza you DON"T GET IT.
If you spend all your time on perfecting the perfect combat speed nikkyo against a fully resistant opponent you DON'T GET IT.
If you spend all your time practicing smiling, blending, and going slow you DON'T GET IT.

However, if you spend a little time doing ALL those things, balanced and in perspective...well you MIGHT GET IT
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