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Epilogue: Aikido was grand at the start. I expanded my social life, experienced something out of the ordinary. It was fun. Then came an anomaly that made me uncomfortable. The dojo started Japanezsing, taking the idea of infusing a Japanese theme way all too far- for my tastes and rational thinking. To the degree that fantasy over took reality. For any well balanced reasonable person, it the change in venue testing comon tolerance and rational standards. It was weird and silly, what the dojo was turning into.

With that re-cap. After a discussion with a person or two in the dojo, I have come to find out that the Founder was over the top as well for a Japanese. Eccentric as it was put to me. Upon hearing such news, I was put off by it even more by the dojo change. In the attempt to ease my concerns, the conversation continued become more revealing and uncomfortable. It was stated to me the school was following in harmony with the Founder. The sensei's goal was to fuse the true spirit of Aikido with the dojo. The method to achieve his aspirations was to embracing itself into the Cosmos being in harmony with all things, and something about everyone loving each other. In order to obtain the goal, I was told the dojo needs to apply every aspect of the Founder, especially his unique views and where he was coming from.

As I sat there listening to all this, I was told every so carefully, Aikido's core, it's purpose, is this self-designed spirituality and outlook that develop the brick and mortar of Aikido. Understanding Aikido in this way, then understanding the new changes needed in the dojo to be a real Aikido dojo. I also got the sense that I wouldn't or couldn't progress in Aikido more or really understand it, if this path is not cultivated like pulling weeds from a garden.

I don't know what my sensei drank that turned him from sensible to weird over night. It could be true, I don't argue it, his aligning himself with the spiritual way of Aikido. Something I called Japanzsing.

As a result I decided Aikido it isn't for me. I am going on to something more grounded and sensible like Rugby.

The experience I had and friends I made, where great at the dojo. I don't see many options other then stopping Aikido all together. Moving on to another dojo or style now knowing what I know, will under carry any Aikido class. I don't want to adjust to another dojo and new people, and all the other crap that a person experiences. My Aikido friends are still friends, we can find different venues to do our socializing. Unless they too drink the Japanezed Kool Aid. All is good now.
Sounds like your new Rugby coach might have a better nikkyo than your old sensei.

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