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Cliff Judge
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What is what with Scott Sonnon's material?

This question relates to off-the-mat / extracurricular / supplemental training to support my Aikido lifestyle.

For those of you who haven't heard of him, this guy is an MMA via Sambo + Systema + Yoga guy who produces exercise DVDs that are bent two ways: there's a "keep yourself in fighting shape for the Octagon" angle and a "push back the inevitable wall of aged decrepitude" angle.

My acupuncturist suggested I check out his stuff, and the man's got a pretty considerable body of material out there right now. Titles include "Intu-flow," "Flowfit," "Ageless Mobility," and "Grappler's Toolbox." Looks like he is into breathing, circular movement, mostly bodyweight exercises except for some stuff he does with those weighted bowling pin deals.

Is anybody familiar with this guy's work who can help me differentiate among the various trademarked systems he has developed? It's winter, I'm looking to put together a routine of bodyweight exercises I can do in the morning. It looks like the Flowfit product might be suitable.
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