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Re: Correlation of Aikido and Daito-Ryu Waza

Sincere thanks to all who have taken time to read my article and comment! I hope the following addresses the questions and issues raised in your remarks.

Dr. Goldsbury,

I believe the techniques illustrated in Budo Renshu (1933) and Budo (1938), and the film BUDO (1935) are largely Daito-ryu in origin and reflect the Aikido taijutsu, which O'Sensei practiced and taught the remainder of his life. I base this belief on a comparison of the techniques contained in the two books and the film with the techniques taught by Saito Sensei.

I agree there is a potential problem, due to O'Sensei's failure to identify each technique by a unique name, in examining the correspondence of Aikido and Daito-ryu techniques. The lack of specific names for Aikido techniques was especially troublesome in dealing with the Aikido Kokyu Nage and the joint locks affecting the elbow. Using the terminology created by Ratti and Westbrook was the best I could do to provide relatively descriptions of the Aikido Kokyu Nage. As to the Aikido elbow locking techniques, I had no real alternative and had to lump the techniques together as Ude Hishigi. Since my focus was limited to the 118 techniques of the Hiden Mokuroku, I do not believe the lack of specific names created a problem. I do believe the lack of specific terms for the Aikido waza would significantly complicate any attempt to identify correspondence between the vast number of Kokyu Nage and other unidentified techniques found in Aikido with the techniques of Daito-ryu contained in the levels beyond the Hiden Mokuroku, such as the Aiki no Jutsu, Hiden Ogi, Goshin Yo no Te, etc.


I agree with your comment regarding "correlation." I used the word "correlation" in the sense of presenting or setting forth a relationship. In hindsight, "Correspondence of Aikido and Daito-ryu Waza" would have been better title for the article.


I have the data and since there appears to be an interest, I will construct an article identifying those techniques of the Hiden Mokuroku, which O'Sensei appears not to have incorporated in Aikido. I think it would interesting to catalogue the technique of the Hiden Mokuroku O'Sensei did not include in the corpus of Aikido, with conjecture as to why the techniques were not included. This should generate some interesting discussions.


I will answer your question regarding what I believe consitutes correlation separately. Regards, JED.
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