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Re: Correlation of Aikido and Daito-Ryu Waza

Wonderful work, John. It is ironic, however. There has been all sorts of noise, from howls of rage to squeaks of pique regarding the actual relationship of Daito-ryu to aikido. People have expressed a number of strong opinions. And here is fact - and to date, only 92 people have been interested enough to read it!
Yes, being a largely statistical analysis, it's not the most entertaining read. But here you have it. An 82% correlation! Furthermore, what was a revelation to me was that, previously, I thought that Daito-ryu had a vast compendium of techniques, whereas aikido was impoverished with only a few. And as it turns out, Ueshiba (and his successors) seemed to have taken the various separate Daito-ryu kata and ordered them among several "principals" - like the myriads of kokyu-nage.
I would love to see the photos of the Noma Dojo and other pre-war texts similarly broken down.
As we discussed, a massive Excel spreadsheet (heck, it's your time, not mine

Wonderful work. Truly nails the picture up on the wall where it cannot be avoided.

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