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Re: The Role of Uke in Aikido Training

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I have a few questions..
1. "A grab should achieve kuzushi and have a strike(s) that go with it". do you mean an actual strike(atemi)? if yes, what do uke do when attacking with morotetori or other attacks that uses both hands?
I realise I'm not the one you have directed this question to, but I have an answer anyway (or rather, I'm quoting Saito sensei). For morotedori, have uke stand with their right hand raised as if you strike you with shomen. Take their raised hand with your right hand. Pull their hand down as you move diagonally to the left (uke's right) of uke's centre line, and grab with your left hand. At this point uke's thumb should be pointing downwards. In this position, you should have enough control over uke so that they cannot punch or kick you. Unfortunately I can't find a good demonstration on youtube.
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