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Re: The Way of Aiki

Rupert, guess I was a little too circuitous.

Erick it is clear you are a lawyer and charge by the word (not that I am stingy in that department either). ;-) I think we are in agreement on this. I simply view it as each formal technique utilizes/highlights one or more principles. Once these principles are embodied, after years of practice, the exact reproduction of a given technique is not required. Angles and methods of attack rarely conform to the geometry of kata practice, so why should the expression of the art.

Governor Silver, review what you were taught relative to solo exercises. Specifically pulling silk or what every Sigman calls his tendon and fascia isometrics. Just do them, they don’t take much time and they really do help you build resilient structure in your body. Yes, go ahead and join others, but do not let the absence of partners for partner training hinder your solo work. Partner training helps you validate some of your body skills, but is the actual solo training, on a regular basis, that will change your body. And yes go see Dan if you have a chance. Building an aiki body early in your aikido journey should help immensely in the expression of your art.
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