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Agreed, but after blending with the attack, presuming it to be neutralised, to what extend do you just do the technique on them thereafter, or, remain aware and further utilize uke's energy to encourage his demise? What I mean is ... it is all very well to just do your great solid technique on them, but our aim should be to develop aiki, and it is more than just destroying his structure with balance and solid technique. What I mean is, 'technique' itself tends to be done the same way on everyone, almost like kata, whereas we all know each uke reacts and behaves a little differently. This is Aikido's best asset and to not seek it is to just do Jujutsu.
Rupert, a little circuitous but bear with me. I think once people are talking about developing aiki we are talking to a more experienced crowd. So I would expect at this point one is also brushing up against forgetting technique stage. I think this may be an integral part of the path to aiki (or maybe just my own path, but let try this on and see who it fits).

I found that once I shifted my attention from "I need to get a technique" to "just kuzushi them" opportunities to lock and throw just opened up, and made themselves obvious. We still work on traditional technique, but embrace what sensei refers to as informal techniques i.e. "well the kuzushi made them unstable in this direction lets go this way" and in short order kotogaishe/shionage hybrids and other throws that have no name start occurring. Point of contact throws, body displacements and atemi opportunities start erupting because the shift to kuszushi as the objective widens the applicable technique domain.

Traditional techniques become waypoints of principle in what is a continuum of locking and throwing methodologies. And because uke is kuzushied earlier in the engagement the throws and locks work better and more consistently. The shift to kuzushi on contact paradigm requires aiki to effect and make reliable and here we are. Aiki requires connected body and prefers a mobile dantian and there is your path to solo training. To develop the body, to do aiki, to create kuszushi on contact, to make technique reliable, adaptive and usable in the real world.

Had planned to go on, but perhaps more manageable chunks rather than wall of text is a better approach.
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