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Re: Which Style?

There is a good book for beginners of Aikido called "Aikido for Life" by Gaku Homma, in it he has a chapter called "Fried Rice" where he explains that you might call around to several chinese restarants and buy a serving of Fried Rice from each, that if you then put them next to one another on a table you would notice obvious differneces as each Chef has their own recipe and way of making Fried Rice, yet despite all being differnet styles, they are all still Fried Rice. The same is true of Aikido. I am very much still learning also about what the different styles are and as above, the only real way to know is to go and train in one of them and learn about Aikido in general and then be in a position to judge. Some styles of Aikido are considered soft styles and others like Yoshinkan are considered hard styles if that is any help to you.
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