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Re: Aikido & back surgery

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For the third time, all I am pointing out is
Will three times be enough for you, and the others who are more interested in the debate about the nature and necessity of breakfalls than in the OP's question, to let it go? Since that's not what this thread is about? You've made your point to those who felt it was important; perhaps that debate can take place in another thread.

To OP, my suggestion is to go to your doctor and give him/her a good graphic description of what aikido practice involves. Bring along a laptop and show vid, if possible. Then take his/her advice on what you should be doing. I've had the experience of having a doctor tell me that I could resume "all your normal activity" after a surgery (eye, not back), but when I described the aikido part of my "normal activity", said with eyes bulging, "No! Not that!" So, check it out with your doctor, and make sure your doctor knows what you're talking about.
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