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Re: Aikido & back surgery

Kris Moralee wrote: View Post
I always look at breakfalls as forward rolls with more dynamics.
Ok. If this works for you.

But in my/our practice this sentence doesn't make sense.

Because the way we practice this is not a question of more dynamics. It's really a different way to do technique. Different angles, different way of contact, different directions. You can work a technique from which uke has to do a breakfall very very slowly. (Which is not easy to fall for uke.)
So when a technique is done in a way you have to do a breakfall, it leads your body more to the side than a technique which leads to a forward roll. You have to fall sideways and not to the front. (You can see it in the videos I linked.)

So for breakfalls you simly have to move in an different way than for forward rolls, your body has to take other directions etc. . It's just not the same movement. And we do a lot special "exercises" to prepare for breakfalls.

So your sentence is true for the way you practice. But it is not true for the way we practice. We often train very slowly. But have to do breakfalls.
(Even if not being held. ... )


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