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Re: Aikido & back surgery

How come nearly every post on this forum results in one person telling another hey are completely wrong? The OP was asking advice, as most do and then the thread is just hijacked, as most are that I have seen with an argument

To answer the question, any dojo should be able to take in to account the physical ability of any student. You can learn the motions but do not have to be thrown out of any technique if you can't manage this. You should also have no restrictions on learning any technique that you can't breakfall from. If you find yourself in a dojo where they insist that you must be slammed from any technique is just plain wrong. What you have to bear in mind also is that a breakfall is really just an exagerated forward roll at speed so yes, you can forward roll from any technique, it just depends on the speed of the application.

Shakou....Sometimes a simple answer is all that is required

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