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Re: Aikido vs Brazilian Jujutsu

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So Mike, I will assume that you have sparred against a mildly experienced BJJer, or UFC type? You have found this to be true on a personal level?

What are your personal experiences sparring in these types of scenarios?

How did you hold up?

What did you find useful and applicable? What did not work for you?
"mildly experienced"? Where did you get that from? Everything I have posted and will post is based on personal experience.What I noticed is that the guys who accepted were just as experienced as those who didn't in terms of rank and time training bjj. Those who didn't were much higher ranked in mma and had other real world experience (doorman in a night club, security work) and had already received serious beatings before getting involved in fight sports. They seemed more educated in general and more knowledgeable about self defence v.s sport/competition. None of those who accepted were able to close/clinch and take it to the ground and those who didn't accept stood around and made fun of and laughed at those who did for even trying. Few "aikido techniques" were performed as the openings for the types of strikes I mentioned earlier were always present.When they were not, my sparring partner was bent over in a kind of standing fetal position or on all fours after a failed tackle attempt and had lost sight of me.While they were open to other dangerous strikes, particularly to the back of the neck, spine. I was usually able to just bump or shove them to the ground instead(kokyu nage)
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