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Re: Aikido vs Brazilian Jujutsu

Barry wrote:

That's my personal issue with ground fighting vs. Aikido; how does it address the multiple attacker scenario if your comfort zone/goal is submission via takedown? I don't want to be quick to judge, as I've said before I've no experience in it. But I'm thinking worst case scenario; to me, that's not a place you want to be unless all four of your limbs can handle their own attacker equally on the ground.
yes true, you don't want to end up on the ground. Fights are all predicated on choice (or lack of it). For some reason, probably because we want to believe that we won't be in these situations, we typcially assume that we somehow had choice in the fact that we did not end up on the ground.

When you start looking at rreality, all your training really starts focusing on points of failure or worse case scenario. It is not that you WANT to end up on the ground, you simply may not have any choice in it.

Remember in a fight your opponent wants to impose his will on you in a physical manner. If attacked, the element of suprise is one that most people, even those less skilled in martial arts intuitively understand is important to exploit. they intuitively understand that in order to beat you, they must off balance you. they use suprise, audacity, and speed to accomplish this.

One of the training affects I think we get in aikido is that we assume equal stance and start with a certain level of a priori knowledge.

so called Groundfighting is good in this respect because it starts the fight typically from a point of disadvantage or a point of failure. It may be in the clinch range, it may be on the ground.

realitively speaking, things like kicking, hitting and running, scratching, biting etc are all low tech, low skill things. That is, we are all born with the basic ability to to these things and they don't require much training. Being able to do these while dominating, or being dominated, or as a tactic to disenage from a fight does not really take a whole lot of training.

Either you can run away, or you cannot. If you cannot, you might be able to irimi tenkan and buy time to escape, or eventually you are caught...and then what???

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