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Re: Aikijujutsu kicks butt

From :

Shiro Saigo - Judo's Secret Weapon?

Was Shiro Saigo the "secret weapon" of Judo? Did Jigoro Kano popularize his new art by using a ringer?

In 1886, the Tokyo Police Department hosted a Judo vs. Jujutsu tournament. And, although there aren't as many details available to us today as we might wish, some details are clear. For example, there seems to be no doubt that Kano's students won the majority of the matches.

This simple fact demands an explanation. What I'd like to do in this article is to examine the various claims made about this tournament (specifically dealing with Shiro Saigo), and try to sort fact from fiction.

The statements I'd like to discuss, in no particular order, are these:

1. Jigoro Kano "stacked the deck" by using students who'd previously trained in Jujutsu.

2. Shiro Saigo was one of these "deck-stacking" students of Kano. He was really a master of Daito-Ryu Jujutsu.

3. The technique that Shiro Saigo used to dispatch his opponents (Yama Arashi) was not taught in Judo. There is some doubt as to what the technique actually consisted of.

Each of these statements are readily found on either the Internet, or in various Jujutsu books.
The article goes on to debunk that myth thoroughly. : For some interesting revelations on 'Saigo-ha'.


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