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Re: Aikijujutsu kicks butt

"When you practice a technique and your partner smiles, it is modern Aikido. If he screams, it is Daito ryu."
I highly suggest that the above be taken with many large grains of salt. Research should be done before propagating such drivel. E-budo, Aikido Journal,, RMA all have some information which should be taken into consideration when reading the 'information' on that site.

I know that (according to one web site for Saigo Ha something or other) Kano used a Daito practitioner to endorse Judo at the begining.
This info comes in part from that same questionable site. Again, check e-budo, Aikido Journal for info on just how illogical those statements are. There is an excellent article written by a judoka (Ben Holmes) on that. I'll try to find the link and post it.

There really is little room for so much mis-information about Daito ryu Aikijujutsu and associated arts. There's nothing wrong with making up your own stuff based on what you've learned from different teachers in different arts. But when you start trying to capatilize off of a certain name with only tenuous connections to the actual art in question...I think that is fraud.


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