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Re: Aikijujutsu kicks butt

Congratulations Roy! You are now on the dark side of Aikido. Yep, Daito Ryu (Most recent name) is where Aikido came from (along with a number of other great MAs). Aiki Ju Jitsu may/may not refer to the specific linage of Daito Ryu though, some information I have found says that there are/were a number of styles with aiki jujitsu in the name. Not sure about Judo being a part of the DR line though. I know that (according to one web site for Saigo Ha something or other) Kano used a Daito practitioner to endorse Judo at the begining. What system/lineage are you learning?

As far as I know injuries should NOT be common. They prevent training. What is your Shihan's rank? Why are injuries common? After 9 mo. of DR I have only had 1 injury other than mild soreness, and that was from an accident rather than a technique.

Glad you are enjoying Aiki Jujitsu, have fun, and don't get hurt no more!
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