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Aikijujutsu kicks butt

I had an awesome high ranking member at my former Aikido dojo, he loved to incorporate judo with Aikido. But we mostly had members that simply did as they are directed, and followed the routine. As I looked into his style the term Aikijujutsu came up, so I checked it out. To my surprise I learned that Aikijujutsu was the parent martial art to Judo and Aikido. In fact Ueshiba himself was trained in Aikijujutsu. when I showed an interest in Aikijujutsu at the Aikido dojo, I was instantly unpopular!?!? So, I said adios-amigos and joined the local Aikijujutsu club. Well, I learned how to defend myself more in a month them in two years than at that Aikido dojo!! Although, I benefited greatly from the fundamental skills learned at the Aikido dojo. The Aikijujutsu club taught techniques against all forms of attack, and did not almost exclusively focus on wrist grabs like my previous Aikido dojo. Although I have to admit the Aikijujutsu classes were way more rough and there was a far greater possibility of getting injured compared to my old Aikido dojo. In fact injuries were very common there!! The atmosphere at the Aikijujutsu club was clearly missing that traditional, courteous formal Japanese aura that was very rich at the Aikido dojo. And that lack of aura was at times somewhat disturbing. In fact my first day of Aikijujutsu resulted in a torn fingernail. I am by no means fragile, for I'm 6 foot 3 inches, 330 pounds, but man I went through allot of pain there. Then the inevitable happened, I was injured, not permanently but enough to be off work for awhile. And this was the point I realized that if I get permanently injured, I would loose my job!!! So, now I'm reconsidering Aikido and in particular the dojo I formally went to. Except this time I will creatively look for the hidden more effective self defense techniques, while practicing them diligently with that respectful manner and aura I have come to love.
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