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Oh poo

Thought I'd get something like that out of you. (heh heh)

Morihei Ueshiba Sensei had tremendous kiai. According to Saito Sensei and Shirata Sensei (a la John Stevens) you could hear it from a ways off. I have also seen Hikitsuchi Sensei and Shioda Sensei use kiai effectively. It does not look like Kisshomaru Ueshiba Sensei had much to do with it though. It would be interesting to pick some of these guys brains and ask them why or why not.
You don't see a lot of kiai (audible) from judo players. Maybe the different intents present different methods of kiai. Maybe one of the lurking shihan will tell us.
I overheard a story regarding Shinto Muso ryu jodo. Within the jodo kata, kiai for cutting and thrusting movements are given. Apparently at a summer gasshuku, one jodoka "kiai-ed" with a tremendous belch. Much to the credit of their teachers and traing intent, they were able to finish the kata before splitting a gut.

Jim Vance
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