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Gosh, I hate to be picky but....

Could you really have AI - KI without KI - AI? In other words, what is a kiai? I do not think it is merely an audible. Perhaps you do kiai and just don't realize it. Why should it be called "energy combining" and not "rebel yell"? I think I know what it is, but rather than sounding too dogmatic/bombastic, I would like to know what you think, since you do come up with some thought provoking stuff around here (which I happen to like, most of the time).
As an aside, where I train, we DO kiai. But it sounds more like cartoon or jazz vocables than a bunch of angry (or hurt) white pajamas. Sumo rikishi kiai as well, but differently. I don't think it's just a yell.

Jim Vance
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