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Re: Survey of Kiai in your dojos

Originally posted by thomasgroendal
What I would really like talk about is kiai.
1. Who does it in their dojo, and who doesn't?
2. What is the tradition of when, how, where taught by your dojo.
4. finally question is what do you kiai, (haiya! e-! iei! ho!)


Sorry, just noticed the comment that the thread would move to the older (this)one. I repost below.

1. Only me in my present dojo; it gets me dirty looks from the teacher ("JESUS! You scared the **** out of me!") I did it at a seminar, too, and overheard someone suggest that caffeine hereafter be withheld from me.

2. None. Nowhere. I've heard Saotome kiai many times, but few of his students.

Having developed the same questions as yourself a while back (and having used them to very concrete effect in karate), I began playing with kiai and made some interesting discoveries.

First, I found that it takes extraordinary effort to give a hale kiai without crushing UKE/NAGE.

It also makes UKE/NAGE freeze, go stiff, and move in manners dangerous to the continued integrity of body parts immediately within his/her grasp.

4. Mostly I exhale a rising "Ah-aaaaaii!" In karate I used to say "Eit!" timed to end with KIME.

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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