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Bruce Baker
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Kiai/ sounds of power?

I think we tried to cover the sounds that increase power of strikes, throws, up, down etc.... But it did not seem to wander into Kiai sounds, did it?

If you listen to some of the sounds that O'Sensei was using in different conditions, there is a slightly different sound to them. It could be that his studys of sound, found in the Kotodama for us today, do indeed have effects on the living vibrations of life. In fact, across the board, most teachers point to different sounds increasing the power of different movements, not just in Asian martial arts, but around the world.

The fact that different great martial artists discover the use of sound at different pitch than we would assume the sounds to be effective in normal speaking pitch, is one of the wonders of Kiai?

This is another area to be studied and realized as more and more people will use the sound of their voice as a weapon. I guess the old joke about your mother-in-laws voice wasn't as funny as it was alluding to a real prospect?

Cultivating a number of sounds that enhance your techniques is not as easy as focusing on one sound or variance of sound for forward or down ... which are the primary movements of most peoples Kiai. So I must agree, we do not normally use kiai in many of our Aikido classes or techniques, but then again, how much force do you intend to use on your partner? Enough to do the technique, or too much to cause pain and injury?

No. If we use the sounds of movement, it is kept to individual warmup practice, bokken, jo, or even your off the mat practice ... not during classes where these sounds would indicate distrack the attention of the practitioners, or cause injury.

Which brings up another subject of different sounds for kiai ...
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