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Re: Parsimony

Paulo Barreto wrote: View Post

I must admit that most of your columns, though always interesting, are very much beyond me and require some time to "sink in".

This one however resonated deep inside me. Though I'm very far from the level of which you speak of, i do believe that it is the path to follow.

Thank you for continuing to share your views, and wisdom, with the rest of us.

I am truly grateful to you and admire you for continuing to read my work even when you find it difficult. In some ways, I write the way I teach. I never try to deliberately make things hard, but I try not to shy away from things that may be calling us to deep and difficult understandings. I expect my students to do the work, to think about it on their own, and to follow the occasional breadcrumbs that I leave as a trail.

Likewise with my articles, I try my best to make things clear... but the reader is invited to gain more if they are willing to occasionally look to Wikipedia or other resources to reward their curiosity.

Regardless, I am pleased you found something of value here. I notice that you are only one of two who have commented. I suspect you are not so far from this as you think.

Many thanks,

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