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Charles Hill
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Re: Bushido vs Budo

I remember that when I was about 12, I bought Nitobe's Bushido. It was from the same publishers as Black Belt Magazine, Ohara Publications, a small paperback with absolutely beautiful photographs of trees, beaches,etc. I especially remember a photo of grass that looked like a bunch of swords sticking up. It was a magical book at that, for me, a magical time, reading about honor, chivalry, benevolence. A world that was quite different from the one I was experiencing around me.

I felt quite isolated in my love for the martial arts, and all things Asia. I would have loved to have had a community of like minded people to talk and share this excitement with, I think of how I might have felt to then hear, "Aw man, that topic's been done to death." "Dude, do a little research before you post that crap." Hey, there is a seach function, you know."

Years ago, I memorized the 7 virtues of the samurai from the book, now I can only come up with one, benevolence. But maybe that is the important one, the one that is needed most.
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