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Re: Applied Aiki in the UK

Sorry for the repost, I put this in the wrong thread originally

UKextensions Part Deux

Disclaimer: all delays, misinformation and downright upsets are mine, any kudos for arranging things and keeping it all on-track, please direct Mark's way
  • A day of Round-Robin multi-style training, and presentations of "off-mat" aikido. A seminar for people interested in aikido in everyday life, and how the art can be applied to other fields.
  • What does aikido have to do with leadership, business, sports science or peace building? Find out here.
  • January 21st, 2006, 2-6pm. Charteris Sport's Centre, Kilburn, London, NW6 7ET, 10 -- Suggested donation.

We have a broad and enviable group of instructors who have kindly agreed to come along and teach. Not only can you experience the delights of the brothers Cooke and the spectacular Philip Smith but also join in a throw-along with the exuberant Simon Whitaker before happily enjoying the august presence of Terry Ezra.

Please could you confirm attendance before the day we expect to have to cap places. Contact Ian Hurst or Mark Walsh to do this

Now the misinformation and confusion bit (my very own)
- firstly, the times may be changing to a 1pm start assuming the sports centre lets us as Mark would like us to have a break at some point (wuss)
- mats: we have a hall, so a plethora of space, but mats are (as everywhere) in short supply. I will be asking (and generally begging) around the immediate vicinity - big hint, anyone nearby reading this can lend me a hand -- so final numbers we can accommodate are as yet uncertain.

I hope to have more clear-cut information for you all by the end of the week, until then think of Mark as your friendly contact and me as the grit in the machine that is aiki-extensions UK.
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